Top of the League

Top of the League 1.2

Football management on your phone


  • Four divisions plus cup competition
  • High strategic element


  • Awkward cursor-based controls
  • Not real player data

Not bad

Most of us think we can do a better job than the current manager of our favorite football team. Now's your chance to prove it by installing Top of the League on your phone.

This mobile football management sim sees you take charge of an English league club in an attempt to steer them to glory. Your job in Top of the League is varied and includes tasks such as picking the team, wheeling and dealing in the transfer market, and working with the club's board. Do well, and you'll get money thrown at you to spend on players. Perform badly and you'll get sacked!

Football management games are notoriously text and stat-heavy, and Top of the League is no different. There aren't many graphics in the game, and the cursor-based navigation becomes a bit of a chore after a while. The matches themselves aren't particularly exciting to watch. Again, there are no graphics in Top of the League and the text commentary is basic to say the least.

The amount of detail in Top of the League is pretty good. You get to play all four English divisions (with promotion and relegation) and an eight-round league cup competition, and there are loads of stats and data relating to players and teams to help you make strategic decisions. Unfortunately, the player names in the game are all made-up, rather than representing real life footballers.

Contrary to what its name suggests, Top of the League is a long way off the pace when compared to other management sims.

Top of the League


Top of the League 1.2

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